The Sussex Skills Solutions Lounge

Our smart but casual Gold lounges are ideal for those who want an elegant café-bar ambience with less formality than the Platinum lounges. The “Sussex Skills Solutions” Lounge is located within the mid north side of the West stand and seats around 250 members

About The Lounge

The Gold lounges are located near to their seats within the west stand; either side of the halfway line on the prestigious and exclusive central 1901 club tier seating level. The lounges offer informal bar-menu style dining options and members can choose to upgrade to formal dining on a match-by-match basis.

Open only to Gold members and their guests, the bars are relaxed and never overcrowded.  It is football at its most civilised. These lounges are perfect for a pre-match meal, or a drink, or to simply catch up with friends.

Lounge Benefits

  • Membership includes your seat at all BHAFC league and domestic cup home games
  • Premium padded seating in exclusive 1901 club levels
  • Access to exclusive 1901 club member events
  • You own your seat with the right to forward your tickets easily to others
  • Bar-Menu dining options available within the Gold lounges
  • Gold Members can upgrade to formal dining on a match-by-match basis
  • Extra match day benefits such as free match programme on entry
  • Access to free match day travel services and “Park and Ride” system
  • Includes one free match day car parking space for every four gold seats you own
  • Dedicated account management team, who are happy to attend to your needs
  • Priority access to purchase seats for other selected other events at the stadium



  • Gold
    £87.00 per month